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A new clip from scene 4. Give us feedback!


Here is Scene 4, the first office scene featuring Ivan and his colleague Schmitty, played by Nick Ochs.  We had about six hours in an office in the warehouse district to film this.  The place is actually an advertising firm so we tried to make it look as bleak as we could.  Initially we wanted just the classic office-space cubicle set-up, but we had to work with what we had.  This day really went smoothly as we only had three people on set: myself, Eli, and Nick.  The place was well lit, naturally, so we didn’t have much to do on lighting. The tracking shots we did several times.  One thing that Final Cut can do is take out the bumpiness on our tracking shots (using the trusted wheelchair again) though that has not yet been applied, as it takes hours to render.  The music here is called “Bunk is Back” by Minneapolis musician Cory Grindberg.  We’ll probably use this particular song somewhere else in the end, but I feel that as long as we’re putting out rough cuts of our video, we may as well be featuring the artists. One thing that’s sort of in the works at this point is organizing the premier as a sort of festival, where all of our musicians can play before or after the screening.  Please leave us feedback under the ‘comments’ section.

A new clip from scene 15, take a look!

This clip on the rooftop was a lot of fun.  Sam, who plays Julian in the film, lived in the apartment building where we shot this scene.  We technically weren’t supposed to be there but we did as best we could.  Soundwise, this place was a nightmare.  This guy on the top floor above us was teaching a salsa dancing class for almost the entirety of the shoot.  Even after Jack P went up to ask him to turn down the music, we were waiting around for a couple seconds to get a shot in.  Below us was that Chicago and Lake Bar/Gun Store just blowing up on a summer night.  There was actually a 30 foot chain link fence separating us from the alley where the drunk people were yelling at the bottom of the fire escape.  Right when Eli and I pulled up in my van and drove through the alley (at like 4 pm) this prostitute comes and tries to sell me her sugar.  Anyway, we were bound to have a good night.

This scene would have been much easier with another camera.  Now in the editing process, since it is such an intimate scene, continuity is incredibly important.  I had a hard time finding clips that kept my chin/eyes pointed in the right direction.  This particular version is the one that was on facebook a week ago and I have since, if i do say so myself, made quite a bit better.  We still appreciate commentary however, and please enjoy!!


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