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The Unattainable is Done! Get Your Copy Now!!!

So there has been a long hiatus on movie blogging because we have been deep in the trenches but now we are happy to inform everyone that there are 60 copies printed and they are being given away for free!! Tell your friends and everyone else!! In the mean time, here is a short film done in the spring featuring all your favorite Loonar City kids.
Jack D

Watch: A Man and His Gun!!

P.S. Get your copies of The Unattainable from Eli Edleson-Stein at 612 387 9262


Videos, Videos, Videos

Click here for new video!

I’ve just spent the last six hours cleaning up two scenes (4 and 19) to post on here, youtube and facebook. Well, I was going back and forth between watching ‘The Usual Suspects’ and checking the upload times, which are vicious as all hell. That movie, man, is brilliant. There is a particular shot where the outline of a cave dissolves into a coffee mug that is so simple, but I could not figure out how Bryan Singer (the director?) had that planned out in advance. Anyhow, highly recommended.
What I’m doing now is pre-posting, to let you know that there will be another walk through for Scene 4, the Office scene, and Scene 19, which takes place in Julian’s apartment, which will be posted tomorrow. The videos are both now on, if you haven’t subscribed yet, our posting name is loonarcity, and you can follow all of the excitement. Until tomorrow then, I go to sleep.