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Winter Wonderland of Movie Magic

Hello Everyone,
Well, we’re not putting anything up for a little while due to a lot of hullabaloo from the up tops, saying they don’t want to give away any of the confusing secret moral messages of the film. Therefore, we’ve got somebody working on the trailer as we plug away at the real stuff. I recently saw a couple short films done by kids I went to high school with, Hunter Johnson and Aidan Lynn-Klimenko, who are both at their respective post-secondary film schools. I am incredibly impressed with their work and it only furthers my argument with myself that I shouldn’t be studying Psychological Services. Hopefully they’ll remember us in the future.

As far as the editing goes, averaging about a scene a week at this point, though I am on holiday. Sweet montage shots with storm footage and epic church congregation and suicide layers juxtaposed upon eachother is now complete, probably the best work I’ve done so far. If you ever want to come around and watch the editing process, throw in suggestions or just drink some coffee with me, I’m at Butter Cafe on 36th and Grand, with a nice little spot in the corner, pretty much all afternoon everyday. Cinematographer Zach Cooper and myself will be there tomorrow, it would be fun to see you all there.

Anyhow, sorry for the simple rant, I just watched The Cocoanuts from the Marx Brothers and am appreciating the gift of Gab. Happy Holidays and we’ll see you soon.

Jack D.