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Classroom Scene

Hey Fellas and Dames,

Check out the new scene under the Video section of our page.

Moral of the story is, we shot this scene on two cameras.  In editing this clip, I learned to really appreciate the importance of having a good audio since only one of the cameras was taking audio. As you’ll see, we took down the reactions of each of the kids (God bless ’em) and then, with Camera 1 we did the hallway running stuff, since we only had the kids for about 2 and a half hours.

Just listening to some Andrew Bird and wishing I had written this song so it could go in the film.  Enjoy!!



Officially Cyber

Hey Folks,

So in just a few days the LoonarCity team will be reunited since we wrapped up shooting for the now titled “The Unattainable” Movie.  We have a lot of stuff to cover and it looks like we are going to end up pushing back our release date from the initial New Year’s goal we had previously been talking about.  Look for it in the spring of 2010, in the mean-time, we are putting up clips of full or half-scenes on our Facebook fan page.  Later today we’ll have one of these clips up with a brief walk-through of how the editing process has worked for this particular scene.  Final Cut Pro is an amazing program.  It allows you to do so much, I sometimes feel guilty at not taking advantage at the plethora of opportunities it offers me.  Any readers out there familiar with the program, feel free to shoot questions, tips, or anecdotes.  I guarantee you’ll find at least one interested reader.  Be back in a few with some media.



Going Cyber

Check out constant updates on Facebook at The Unattainable’s Fan Page now. I had a very beneficial meeting with Andrew Hobgood, Artistic Director of The New Colony, a Chicago Theater Company, who basically told me I need to start advertising in any free, cyber way possible, so all in one day I have a blog, twitter and two facebook pages. I’m new to this world.
Going through the process of editing is similar to shooting. As you go along, it becomes easier to recognize what’s good and what’s bad right away. Sometimes I don’t realize the decisions I’m making until the scene is done and I look back on it and say “hm, that was pretty good.”
Anyhow, for those who don’t know, The Unattainable is a film about the end of the world in Minneapolis, and principally tells the story of three individuals struggling to find meaning in a dying world.
Check us out.
Facebook: The Unattainable (will have clips)
Twitter: @loonarcity

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