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Loonar City Productions is a Minneapolis-based film production company. It was founded in late 2008 by John Baer Davis, Jack Pigozzi and Twoey Stein. Its mission is to provide the world with first-class films that are intellectually, artistically and visually stimulating as well as to promote the Minneapolis performing arts community.









“The Unattainable” is Loonar City’s first feature-length film and is premiering at the Minneapolis Underground Film Festival at 2:45pm on December 4th at Minneapolis College of Art and Design.

It is a narrative film that tells the story of three characters faced with an imminent world-ending disaster and the ultimate question: what would you do with ten days left to live? Mohandas, Ivan and Cain craft their destiny and tangle in the reality of a surreal world in which the end is very real and very near.


2 responses

  1. Hey Loonar City,

    The site looks great, when are we gonna get some clips on here? It would be really cool if you could post some raw footage and maybe walk us through the editing process. Keep up the good work!!

    J.B. McFadden

    Nov.23.2009 at 4:08 pm

    • Hey J.B.

      Thanks for your input, we’ve got the classroom sequence up with a little bit of background. I like the raw footage idea. Maybe on one of these upcoming rainy days, the site will see a little more progress in that direction. Tell us what you think of the clips.


      Nov.25.2009 at 7:18 am

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