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I am currently in Kampala, Uganda, wishing to write about making movies, as there are not many here to talk about it with, and it has become a bit of a passion over the last couple of years, making it difficult to go long periods of time without blurting out some gibberish.

It is long overdue I think, to say that some of the Loonar City team have become interested in branching out from our usual romp-stomp entertainment into the world of video documentaries.  This past summer, with funding from the Northwestern University undergraduate research office, Cinematographer Zachary R. Cooper and I traveled to the Northeast of Brazil, with another cameraman and a rough outline for a cultural documentary on the Forró and Heavy Metal music styles that are popular in the region.  While the project will not enter post-production until my return from Africa in January, it has inspired me to follow, at least for a bit, this idea of documenting.  Hopefully my final research project here in Uganda will be in the form of a documentary, a sort of trial run for the major editing that will take place for the Brazil project, currently dubbed—“In the Land of the Poets.”

I have been told that all narrative films are documentaries and that all documentaries are also narrative films.  When watching something like, “The Thin Blue Line” which covers the wrongful arrest and death penalty sentence of a Texas man accused of the murder of a police officer, I become convinced that documentaries have so much more potential for inflicting strong emotion in an audience than narrative films.  Then again, there are many very boring documentaries.  Either way, I think it takes a story teller to make a good film, even if the story is being constructed from real events.  After all, even in a fictional film, the story must have strong aspects of reality to effectively reach the audience.  I would even say that all fictional films with identifiable themes are little more than documentaries of that theme.  Look at “No Country for Old Men” as a case study in good and evil.

Anyhow, this blog only exists as advertisement for Loonar City Productions, which Jack, Eli, and I hope to one day make a legitimate enterprise of creativity in the Twin Cities, so I will not ramble too much.  The point of this blog is to say that I like to make documentaries, and up to this point, I have had experience mostly with people who don’t make them.  So if you are interested, I will be working many many hours on two–one set in Uganda (hopefully, if the adviser allows) and the other in Brazil.  Anyone looking for experience, or advice for me, please leave a comment.  If you want to get involved in Loonar City, we can do that too.

Loonar City Productions is Minneapolis based Production company that currently searches for funding to produce short to feature length films, which give opportunities to Minneapolis based artists.  Our first feature film, “The Unattainable,” is a strong representative for what we hope to one day be. That is, an organization that supports Twin Cities artists of all types not just through film but studio recording, various art-related classes, and grant-writing to put Minneapolis on the map in a real big way.  That being said, this is a video from Hunter Johnson, a Minneapolis film-maker and collaborator of Loonar City, and also a real cool dude.  The Beaming Future webseries:::::


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  1. In Uganda. Writing about making movies.

    I’ll be looking forward to reading your notes …

    Sep.16.2010 at 12:02 am

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