Post-Production Blog for the movie "The Unattainable"

Post Production Nearing Finish

Alright folks, well, I have finished editing. I actually finished about a month ago and it has been in the hands of Keith Kopatz since then, our wonderful Sound Editor. I was over at his studio yesterday in Minneapolis looking over the stuff and I think we’re going to have a top-notch, professional looking film on our hands and I personally couldn’t be more excited.
We are still planning the premiere event. Because this movie has been such a big part of the last year for so many people, we want to make sure it a very special event. If you were part of the project or just want to give your input for the things you want to see, feel free to contact us at

I spoke with the people at the Lagoon theater in Minneapolis, a former soccer coach of mine is now manager and they said it would be fine. We were interested in making it a sort of party, with booze and music and finely dressed women of course so we’re putting it in the hands of our PR director and co-director Jack Pigozzi, anyways, keep informed and follow the blogs (sort of) We’ll be in touch.

Jack D


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